Cart Cleaning & Maintenance

Cart Cleaning / Maintenance

Cornerstone has developed a unique and proprietary approach to managing shopping cart fleets. SafeKart. This unique approach results in greater availability of clean, functional carts; complies with federal, state and local ordinances; reduces costs of ownership and enhances the shopping experience for the customer. The SafeKart program includes cart containment systems, cart servicing, reconditioning, recycling, inventory management, seasonal adjustment of cart levels, and more.


Cornerstone meets with you to gain an understanding of your cart retention problems and identifies solutions to meet your needs and achieve established goals:

Installation: Cornerstone designs and installs the cart containment system for each store. It’s been proven that cart containment systems dramatically improve the retention of your shopping carts and decrease the cost of maintaining a cart fleet.
Customer Training: Cornerstone provides initial and ongoing training for the cart containment system to ensure all store associates understand and use the system properly for maximum benefit.
Repair & Maintenance: Cornerstone provides repairs, maintenance and cleaning services for any type of shopping cart or rolling stock. As a part of monthly monitoring, Cornerstone initiates any required service including maintenance and repairs, cleaning and servicing all moving parts to manufacturer specs.
Seasonal Cart Fleet Adjustment: Cornerstone provides you with the opportunity to seasonally adjust your cart fleets to meet the needs of your business during the busy holiday season and for major promotions.

Monthly Monitoring

Cornerstone monitors each location included in the program each month. During the monthly monitoring of the cart containment system, Cornerstone staff observes all aspects of the system to ensure it is operating properly. We also test the system to ensure that all components are clean, functional and operating within specifications.

  • Observation of operating system
  • Ensuring proper functionality

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