Buy & Sell Equipment

Buying Your Equipment

Cornerstone’s Ontario warehouse is open Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 4 PM and consistently offers a wide variety of competitively priced restaurant and grocery equipment for direct sale.

  • refrigerated cases
  • sandwich prep tables
  • self contained freezers
  • self contained refrigerators
  • grills
  • griddles
  • ice cream machines
  • burners/hot plates
  • ovens
  • mixers
  • meat slicers
  • fryers
  • stainless steel work tables
  • proofing cabinets
  • wares
  • and MORE

Feel free to stop by when you are in the area and enjoy a bag of our complementary popcorn while you shop!

Auctions/Sales Events

Cornerstone regularly hosts auctions and sales events where you can save a lot of money when you buy equipment. The auctions are always online and live so you can buy equipment remotely or in person. Receive alerts for auctions and sales by clicking on the link below and signing up for our e-news updates.

We Can Buy Your Equipment or Sell It For You

Cornerstone can buy your equipment or sell your equipment for you on consignment. With a growing list of local, regional, national and international customers that are searching for the right equipment to meet their needs, Cornerstone markets your equipment to people that are looking for your specific equipment and are ready to buy. Many times, a phone call by a Cornerstone representative to one of these customers results in an immediate sale of your equipment. If you decide to consign your equipment with us, we can sell it for you directly at a reserve price that you dictate, or we can sell it for you in one of our auctions.

Warehouse Auctions/Sales

Cornerstone conducts warehouse auctions/sales at each location throughout the US and Canada. These auctions accommodate both onsite and online buyers to ensure the broadest audience for the sale of your equipment.

Onsite Auctions

Cornerstone can conduct an auction at your store or warehouse. Your equipment is staged and prepared for auction by a knowledgeable auction team who takes care of everything, from advertising and marketing to collections of auction proceeds. Onsite auctions are also open to online buyers for maximum coverage.

We’ve helped these clients, and many others, sell their equipment:

Need to buy or sell equipment?